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“Jen is a terrific partner. I have worked with her on several brand positioning/strategy projects and found that she brings strong strategic thinking to the problem and order to the madness. She also has a great way with people - not only does she have good ideas, but she brings out the best thinking in others.” -Hope Felton-Miller, Managing Partner, Felton Willis

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jen both while she was at Shire and Meridian Bioscience. She is a vibrant and energetic individual who possesses excellent communication and marketing skills. She is able to begin with the end in mind and create solutions to challenging problems. While we worked together, we had the opportunity to create and execute brand strategy and also identify and foster many KOL relationships. Jen will make an excellent addition to any team.” -Joni Bradley, President & CEO, The JB Ashtin Group, Inc.

“I worked with Jen at Meridian Bioscience and she impressed me with her ability to learn our product lines quickly. Jen had a strong pulse on our c. diff market and always provided great insight when given the opportunity. Jen is a hard worker and was great at providing our sales team with the tools needed to be successful. As soon as new information came available you could always count on Jen to break it down and provide timely guidance to the team. Jen is very passionate about her work and is driven to succeed. I enjoyed working with her.”   -Chance Bell, Regional Sales Manager, Meridian Bioscience

“I've worked closely with Jen for several years, during her tenures at P&G Pharmaceuticals, Shire Pharmaceuticals and Meridian Bioscience. Jen exhibits strong marketing management skills in her abilities to define all project objectives/parameters, provide clear/concise input and manage multiple facets of multi-channel initiatives. She exhibits strong expertise of the brands/markets she manages and builds strong teams of diverse backgrounds/expertise to ensure the success of each initiative. She's an effective team leader, exhibiting the ability to see/understand issues from multiple perspectives due to her broad background in both client and agency work. I recommend Jen as a highly effective marketing leader to oversee the planning, development and execution of brand campaigns.” -Jay Bolling, President & CEO, Roska Healthcare Advertising

“Jen is a quick learner that is able to effectively communicate her thoughts and ideas to the team. She is able to seamlessly transition from The Big Picture to the anecdote. Jen is a hard worker, a self-starter, and is trustworthy.” -Mike Blitz, Director of Regional Sales and North American Sales Development, Meridian Bioscience

“Jen was my Bridge account executive while I was at Ethicon Endo-Surgery. Jen consistently demonstrated her knowledge of brand management - and ability to develop and execute great strategies - across brands in all life cycle stages. Jen is always full of energy, upbeat, and fun to work with. I always looked forward to working on a new project with her.” -Mary Schramm, Group Product Director, Ethicon Endo-Surgery

“Jen and I built up a business team to a significant degree across a three-year span. Her analytical and strategic abilities have helped me find creative solutions to our clients' marketing problems. Together, we've created some of the most emotionally impactful and strategically targeted work I've ever been part of. Brand building is a strength of hers, and the numerous examples she has to show for it are testament to her ability to make strategic choices and her ability to lead clients through the daunting challenges of the process. Jen makes it fun, too.” -Tim Fening, CEO/Creative Development, Cause Agency

“It is with pleasure that I endorse Jen. Although Jen and I have worked together for less than a year, my numerous interactions with her since I was hired at Meridian Bioscience have been extremely positive. As a new hire I had numerous questions on how to best sell our products and to defend our product clinically against the competition. I would call her regularly to brain storm how to overcome challenges I was facing in the field, and Jen would work through the obstacle with me to find a successful solution for my customers. Jen is extremely knowledgeable about disease states, and could quickly reference articles for me to use to back a position. I have worked with many product managers throughout my career, and Jen is surely one of the most knowledgeable, passionate, and likeable product managers I know. Whichever company Jen works for in the future is lucky to have her talent to support their team.” -Lisa Shatzkin, Technical Sales Representative, Meridian Bioscience

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